Double-Side Adhesive Tape Optical Tape Series Protective Film Series Functional Tape Series Graphite Sheets Series


• High transparency makes it easy to check the bonding surface, no requirement to peel off

• Moderate bonding strength, easy lamination, reworkable, and stable lasting bonding strength

• No residue and stain when peeling off

• Anti-static, dust-proof, easy dust exclusion

• No adhesive side can be stamped and printed ( ink jet printer )         

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By coating acrylic adhesive on PET carrier in 1000 class environment, Selen Polarizer protective film has stable bonding strength and easy to peel off, and is appropriate for surface protection of optical films made of various material.


• Protect the surface of various LCD optical thin films, like polarizer, diffusion sheet, BEF

• Protect optical thin films during manufacture, processing and transportation, etc.