Selen-T&T Enertechno Lithium Battery Package Project Successfully Complete Delivery

2016.08.01 Source:SELEN

Selen Materials Japan Co., Ltd. Was Formally Established

On August 1st 2016 (10:00 am), under the leadership of main officials of Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. and T&T Enertechno Co., Ltd., leaders of Selen Science &Technology and related industries visited lithium battery aluminum laminated film materials production line. Meanwhile, a complete ceremony was held to celebrate formal establishment of Selen materials Japan Co., Ltd..



Mr. Fu Bo, president of Selen Science & Technology, Mr. Xiao Peng, vice president of Selen Science & Technology, Mr. Iwase, director of Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., and Mr. Sada, president of T&T Enertechno Co., Ltd., attended official business launch together which represented that Selen Science & Technology introduced international leading advanced coating technology. It is also a new chapter for lithium-ion battery packaging materials business.



In April this year, Selen Science & Technology will initial takeover business of Japan lithium battery aluminum laminated film materials. With mutual efforts and strong supports from the third party cooperating agency, concerning legal procedures and assets delivery have been completed successfully on schedule.